Juan Carlos Gonzalez

      Customization Panel: Impact on the Manufacturing Process, Supply Chain, and Data Collection

Here is the challenge: the high cost and lack of accessibility of 3D foot scanners for consumers hinders the mass use of footwear customization.


Head of Innovation at the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV), Juan has been working on footwear innovation for more than 20 years with focus on footwear biomechanics, fitting and comfort. To overcome the industry challenge, Juan works with his team to develop an app that can turn any smartphone into an accurate 3D foot digitizer.

IBV is a research center that studies the human body and its interaction with products, environments and services. IBV has developed 3D avatar feet, a cutting-edge app that allows to capture the 3D shape of feet with only three pictures taken from any smartphone, making possible to obtain the dimensions of the body from anywhere. This technology overcomes the barriers for the mass use of the digitization of feet and its use in mass customization.


With his expertise in footwear technology, Juan will be joining the Customization panel at FIS to dive into how current customization technology will shape the manufacturing process, supply chain, and data collection.

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